A Visit From Erin

Last weekend Joey’s sister, Erin, came to visit us from California! She stayed for a couple days and we had quite a lovely time. I had to work on Saturday but on Sunday we did lots of fun stuff! First we took our usual walking trail by the river, but unfortunately that entire weekend was … Continue reading A Visit From Erin

Spencer Butte Hike

The other day, one of our good friends invited us to an evening hike up to the top of a mountain to watch the sunset. Neither Joey nor I have made the trek up Spencer Butte, and MAN OH MAN I was not expecting such a vertical hike. It was so much fun though. And … Continue reading Spencer Butte Hike

BBQ Success!

Today was 90 degrees… aka excellent BBQ weather. So we took advantage and invited some friends over for some delicious food and visiting. But first, we went on a refreshing 80 degree walk/run this morning. And what gorgeous views we had!! Then after, we decided to move my bed from my old apartment into our … Continue reading BBQ Success!

Another day off!

A couple days ago Joey and I had a day off together and spent it very well! We made cookies, pizza, and are currently in the middle of redoing our office (pictures of that will come later!) so that I have a little corner desk area for when I get back into school. And Marbles … Continue reading Another day off!